By:  Pojie Pambid


Lilac and Lavender are colors that do not normally stand out when it comes to color palettes. But did you know that when it comes to color temperature, they are considered two of the coolest hues? It is just but fitting then, that during the height of the summer months, when the heat becomes too intense, OUR HOME comes up with the coolest of styles using these two colors to highlight contemporary settings with a hint of Scandinavian flair while at the same time revealing a refreshing, soothing and comforting ambiance. So, gear up, and let OUR HOME provide a cool and calming presence in the home at the height of the April summer.




The focal for this month of April is a dining room setting that echoes a Scandinavian feel.  A table for six is highlighted as one enters the store. The dining set is finished in a very light and delicate pine that immediately gives off a cool vibe. Surrounded by an eclectic array of dining chair options, the set utilizes four dining chairs reminiscent of the styles of Finn Juhl, a Scandinavian furniture designer, while rounding it off is one long dining bench, creating a casual and relaxed feel perfect for intimate yet relaxed conversations or maybe even dining al fresco style. To one side, a stark white sideboard cum buffet cabinet provides the storage component of the setting and flanking it is a pair of deep lavender accent chairs that can also serve as additional seating options. The Scandinavian dining seats are provided with back pillows for additional comfort when dining and these pillows come in a combination of dark lavender and white, instantly perking up the mood of the setting. Underfoot, to complement the casual feel of the vignette, a sisal rug in natural finish is placed while at the corners, potted bamboo plants accentuate the fresh feel of the space.




The bedroom tableau again borrows from the Scandinavian design trend as a queen-sized bed is given a beech wood finish. Stark, contemporary and functional, the bed is accentuated with a gray padded headboard and footboard for comfort and also helps in noise reduction. The bed, however, is donned in satin sheets of lilac with a combination of lilac and lavender standard pillows that again instantly give off a fresh and cool feel. Accent pillows are added in the same violet family as well as a quilted bed runner in bright lilac to elicit a luxurious touch. A pair of white bedside tables compliment the Scandinavian look and on top, beige lamp shades on light amber glass bases pick up the beech wood finish of the bed exuding a harmonious mood. At the foot of the bed is a desk table adding a functional element to the vignette. The desk also mirrors Scandinavian design sensibilities and echoes the same beech wood finish of the bed while the swivel desk chair is of white leather, with a beech wood laminated frame. At the side is a console table in pine wood and clear glass for collectibles and accoutrements lending a personal touch to the setting and expressing a relaxed and fresh personality.




The living room setting’s centerpiece is an L-shaped fully upholstered gray conversation sofa. The sofa is designed to be a lounging piece hence the deep seat. This though allows for a mélange of different throw and accent pillows to take their strategic place on the couch. Lilac and lavender pillows punctuate the seats giving off that cool vibe while at the same time lending a fresh contrast to the gray of the upholstery. Center tables, side and console tables are made of pine wood with glass accents paying homage to the overall Scandinavian style of the setting while at the same time, also providing a contemporary element. A custom designed accent chair in beige boucle fabric with bamboo accents adds to the casual appeal while a pair of accents chairs in light beech wood provides additional seating options to stimulate a lively conversation area. Another large sisal rug in natural finish anchors the whole setting and adding to the freshness are trees, shrubs and potted plants equally distributed to add a fresh and organic element.


This April, let the cool colors of lilac and lavender refresh and relax your home as summer intensifies. Draw inspiration from how they can be seamlessly combined with gray and beige and how they complement pine and beech wood finishes. Also, relish the contemporary and stylish feel of Scandinavian furniture options to cap off the look of a cool summer. Visit our stores and be inspired!  Only at OUR HOME – Great Designs… Great Prices…