Sustainable Luxury with Lifestyle by Canadian and Our Home




In today’s world, the desire for luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.  We are seeking for products that not only offer exceptional quality and comfort but also reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility. 

As we continuously provide bedroom inspirations come another goal of giving quality sleep above all.  As we Go Green, Live Green, we are bringing new collections that combine the best of both worlds through Lifestyle by Canadian’s Tencel and Egyptian cotton collections



The Perfect Blend of Luxury:  Experience the ultimate luxury and comfort with our exquisite blend of Lifestyle Tencel and Egyptian cotton. Indulge in the silky-smooth feel of Tencel combined with the timeless elegance of Egyptian cotton for a truly exceptional sleep experience.


Cooling Comfort, All Night Long: Enjoy a refreshing and cool night's sleep with the superior moisture-wicking properties of Lifestyle Tencel and the airy breathability of Egyptian cotton. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.


Nature's Finest Fibers: Immerse yourself in the finest natural fibers that Mother Earth has to offer.  Lifestyle Tencel and Egyptian cotton are sustainably sourced, providing you with a guilt-free choice that embraces both luxury and environmental responsibility.



Be the first to feel and experience the perfect blend of sustainable luxury with Lifestyle by Canadian’s Tencel and Egyptian Cotton Linen collections. 


Visit SM Our Home store and get yours now.  You can also shop online and expect the same great shopping experience through  Shop for style the way you want with your personal shopper right in the comfort of your home with Call & Deliver 0917-831-5260.


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