A Guide on Coffee Tables



Posted on April 17 2023

Coffee tables to complement your living room

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture for every living room.
It is wonderfully multi-functional – a flat surface to hold drinks and refreshments, your remote control or reading material, or simply a place to put your feet up while enjoying a movie or your favorite show.
Our design team brings you a few tips on how to select the right coffee table for your living room:

Estimate the size of the coffee table you need by keeping in mind that it is best placed about 18 to 24 inches away from any seating arranged around it. Feel free to place two coffee tables next to each other for very large living rooms. 

For a closed off living room, a square or rectangular shaped coffee table will do nicely. If your living room is more open and you expect a lot of movement, a round coffee table is best. Your coffee table’s shape can also be used to bring balance to the room. If most of your furniture is squarish or rectangular, think about a round coffee table.

Consider getting a coffee table with storage shelves underneath for trays, books and magazines, coasters, and a box of tissues to clean up any spills.