Get More Storage Space With Console Tables from Our Home 

Keeping your living space organized is not only for an aesthetic benefit; it’s also a practical one. When everything has its place, you won’t waste time looking for things or waste energy trying to remember where you put something. You will know exactly where everything is, and that can make everyday life much simpler and stress-free. 

If you are interested in adding more storage solutions to your home but you don’t have a lot of space, Our Home's selection of modern console tables is the perfect way to do so. Such tables only take up very little floor space yet provide tons of potential storage underneath them!

Picking a good console table

Console tables are types of furniture that are generally long and narrow, either in the shape of a table or a piece of furniture. It comes in different shapes, designs and materials, so you can find one that fits both your aesthetic and your budget so you better check out what other pieces Our Home offers. 

The Elliot Console Table is a chic piece that you can place against a wall making it more unique than basic tables as it can double as a decorative piece. Some tables like a modern console table can even be used in your bedroom, hallway, or bathroom. 

Why get a console table? 

Console tables are generally used as decorative pieces that add visual interest to a room, but they can be used for much more than that. They have the added benefit of providing ample extra storage space, especially if your home doesn’t have a lot of cabinets or other storage solutions.  

As a great storage solution, you can keep all your personal items inside a console table whether that be mails, candles, framed pictures or any other items you may have. A modern console table also makes a great coffee table, especially if you don’t have a lot of table space in your home. With a modern table like the Fletch console table from Our Home, you can store items like remotes and magazines underneath so that you always have a place for them.

At Our Home, you’ll find tables that fit your design preferences and budget from a narrow console tables and console tables with drawers to glass console tables and wood console tables.

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