Christmas Decorating and Interior Design


The Christmas season is an extravagant excuse to over-decorate. People go wild with their garlands and hollies, ribbons and balls when decorating for the holidays and this is totally fine.

The important thing to consider though, is that regardless of how overboard you get in the decorations, make sure that the result will still yield and cohesive and harmonious effect in the home.

Here are a few tips.


Choose a color palette that will either complement or contrast that of what you already have in the home. If your home is done in neutral and somber shades then it begs to adapt the same color scheme in your choice of Christmas decorations. The trick is to still continue the initial palette of the space and to spruce it up with decorations.


Maintain the design theme of the home and extend it to the choice of decors. If your home is classic and elegant then, the way to go is definitely the classic and elegant route. Choose the decors that will best exemplify how your home space is themed and again, just extend it through the decorations and ornaments. Even a Filipiniana theme nowadays come with complementary Christmas ornaments like baubles made of sinamay, buri and coconut shell. The trick is really to go thematic.


Texture is a key ingredient in making sure that even if you go gaga on your decorations, it will still yield a cohesive and consistent appeal. If your furniture pieces are made of shiny textures like glass and steel, the opt for textures in your decors that echo the same finish – crystal, glitter and the like will definitely emphasize your textures and at the same time create a unified feel. The same goes with matte textures. You can find Christmas decors and ornaments to match and harmonize with your matte textures like wood, bronze and fabric. Be consistent in your approach and you will never go wrong.

Don’t forget to light up! The appeal of decorating the house is really appreciated with the overuse of Christmas lights. The rice lights that come nowadays in the LED variety are deemed safer and more energy efficient that’s why you can again go twinkle away. Emphasize your decorations with the beauty of lighting that creates a whimsical and fantastical feel to your settings. And as an added note, these lights now come in a variety of colors and actions – they can remain steady, they can rapidly blink or they can even blink in rhythm to your favorite Christmas carol.


Make your Christmas tree the star of the show. The tree is the centerpiece in your decorating showcase so make sure that you make it the most spectacular and the most beautiful in the room. Concentrate on making the tree a stand-alone piece that can really function as the show stopper. The rest of the decorations in the room will just simply follow the design direction that you already applied in the tree. This means that the tree should be the inspiration for the garlands and the wreaths that you will deck the walls, doors, entrances and table tops with.


And last but not the least. Don’t forget to have fun. Christmas decorating need not be deemed a chore. Enjoy it! Put on some Christmas music on the background and make it a group effort. Invite family or friends over to help you and make it a yearly tradition – this way it’ll really give you something to look forward to when the “ber” months start rolling along.

If you follow these simple tips then no matter how crazy you go with the decorations for your house, it will still radiate a cohesive, classy and festive feel that still spells a “Merry Christmas”.