Love The Way You Live

Expressing Personality in Design

The way we live is often a reflection of our personality. Looking at the interior design of one’s home allows us a glimpse into not only the lifestyle of the person living in the home but it also gives off hints into his or her personality. Design is very personal. Preferences are usually tied to personal likes and dislikes. Design is also varied and the different elements of interior design, used in consonance with each other create a finished product that is the sum total of how one translates his or her own personality to come across. Here are a few of those elements and how it affects your design personality.




Color is the first consideration when it comes to reflecting personality in design. Colors range from flashy to subdued and the choice for either is a direct correlation of the person’s psyche. Bold, vibrant and strong colors usually reveal the same facets of personality, meaning that people who prefer bold, vibrant and strong colors are also the same people who exhibit strength in their character. These color choices reflect characters that are spontaneous, extroverts and they exude confidence. On the other hand, subdued color choices like soft pastels and the like reflect a calm demeanor and an introspective approach to life. These are the individuals who value their privacy, their solitude and their alone time, they are introverts.




Much like color, how one approaches the choice of prints also reflect strongly in their personality make-up. People who prefer solids and who have a tendency to veer away from prints and patterns are usually individuals who are perceived as stable, no-nonsense and practical persons. They like order and are very organized. People who prefer printed patterns are more whimsical and carefree. They like a dynamic and kinetic lifestyle and are usually active individuals as reflected by the implied movement of patterns. Choice of patterns also matter. Stripes are very popular for people who like a definite order in their lives but do not want the monotony of solids. Vertical stripes reflect stability and rigidity while horizontal stripes reflect a relaxed and calming nature. Prints that carry natural patterns like florals and foliage are usually preferred by people who are earthy and organic. They are down-to-earth individuals who are partial to a stress-free environment and they prefer nature. The more busy the patterns though, the more complex the personality and people who like wild and abstract patterns are very original, unique, quirky and imaginative.



Texture as a personality indicator is more akin to the tactile aspect. People who prefer textures that are lush, soft and palpable like velvet, suede and brocade; textures that can easily be felt, are perceived as warm and caring individuals. While smooth, shiny and crisp textures like cotton and linen are preferred by people who are distant and aloof. These personality indicators however are not to be construed as positive or negative, but to be taken as is. Case in point, people who also prefer lush, soft and palpable textures can also mean a highly strung individual, high-maintenance or even difficult. On the other hand, characters who like the smooth, shiny and crisp textures can be perceived as happy-go-lucky, easy to get along with and laidback.


In the end, it is all about your preferences in designing your personal living space, how it translates to your personality style and owning it. Express yourself with color, print/patterns and textures while evoking a sense of coziness and comfort.  Be true to yourself and simply LOVE THE WAY YOU LIVE.