The Importance of Color


Color is the most important element of interior design. Together with lighting and texture, color forms the holy trinity that is responsible for creating the ambiance and the mood of the room.

Interior design relies heavily on ambiance and thus relies heavily on color. Aside from being very visual, people also tend to gravitate towards the more positive vibe of the atmosphere of the space and hence, this is where color scores double points; it activates the look and the feel of the room.

Color is the driving force that allows the space to bloom. Color elicits reactions. It stimulates appetite; it heightens sensations and it controls how a person feels. Color can make the space look and feel alive, it can stimulate and create cheer and levity but, on the other hand, it can also elicit the opposite effect; it can evoke a somber and calm atmosphere.


Color affects the interior design of the space in a variety of examples; the paint on the wall, the fabric of the curtains and upholstery and even the finishes of the furniture pieces in the room.

This is why color harmony is also sometimes difficult to achieve but despite that, it is still a very popular personal choice. The first thing that people react to is color. Whether they like the color or not, it is still attention-grabbing. It really attracts and at the same time color also pulls people in.

Color is the cohesive force that creates harmony and consistency in the room or… for a more dramatic effect, it can also create contrast. Regardless, being the most important element of interior design, color dominates the field.

Color wraps a space up in unity, harmony and/or contrast. The room automatically comes alive with color. The world is appreciated and perceived in color and interior design is a visual and tactile discipline that deals with space and the allocation of it – in color!

When one enters a room or an interior space, the feeling that he or she derives is priceless; the effect that the room creates influences the way one feels; the emotion felt upon the initial encounter that leaves the person breathless and awestruck – these are all because of color.